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Prescott, Arizona

A house in Prescott Arizona with a SOLD sign on top of the For Sale sign. The home was sold with its septic inspection completed.

Need a septic inspection?

Are you selling your Arizona home? Clickapro takes the hassle out of your required septic inspection. Order it online in minutes, on your own schedule, and get ready to celebrate a successful sale!

Why Choose Clickapro?

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Pick Your Day

Avoid stress by picking the best day for your inspection. Book your day online and we'll take care of the rest.

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Easy Inspection

We work hard to make the inspection go as smoothly as possible. We will arrive ready to get right to work.

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Qualified Report

You will receive the ADEQ report needed to meet the septic inspection requirements of your home sale.

Septic Inspection Service Map:

Septic Inspection Service Area. Proudly serving the Prescott, AZ area

Proudly Inspecting:

Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley and Paulden on Mondays + Tuesdays

Dewey-Humboldt, Mayer and Cordes Lakes on Wednesdays + Thursdays

Following this schedule, simply pick your preferred day when booking.

A woman in a brown shirt standing in front of her historical Prescott, AZ home. She's giving the thumbs up because she is so happy with her septic inspection.

You shouldn’t have to wait weeks for a septic inspection.

And you shouldn’t be told one price on the phone, only to pay more in the end.

With Clickapro, you won’t have to.

Just book your septic inspection online, get your report done, and get your home sold.

The Clickapro Plan

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| 1 | Book a Septic Inspection

Book your septic inspection at a time that is convenient for you. Pay online with your favorite payment method.

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| 2 | Inspection Completed

A qualified inspector will visit your home to perform an ADEQ septic inspection and pump your septic tank.

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| 3 | Get Your ADEQ Report

Receive your septic report for your home sale. The inspector will also share info about any necessary repairs.

What you get:

The 9 pages of the ADEQ Septic Report

Your septic tank will get pumped out and you will receive the full 9 page ADEQ (Arizona Department of Environmental Quality) Inspection Report for an Onsite Wastewater Treatment Facility.  This report will be needed by your real estate agent and your title company.

Proudly accepting:

Payment methods accepted by Clickapro. Mastercard, Visa, Venmo, Paypal, American Express, Discover and more!

And more!

Common Septic Inspection Questions

Selling your Arizona home with a septic tank? Skip the maybe, do the mandatory! Inspections aren’t just a good way to be a cool neighbor, they’re the law. Why? It’s all about protecting Arizona’s precious groundwater, keeping your community sweet-smelling, and giving buyers the heads-up on the septic system. Think peace of mind, happy buyers, and one less to-do on your home selling list! So grab that inspector, get that report, and watch your “for sale” sign do the happy dance. ️

Ace your Arizona septic check with these tips: Know your system’s location & history, use less water for 24 hours, and clear the way for the inspector. Be prepared with questions, schedule ahead, and pick a certified pro. It’s as easy as closing a (properly functioning) toilet lid! Your smooth inspection awaits.

Your Arizona septic inspection unfolds in 5 easy steps: a quick chat, a lid peek, some sleuthing (measuring, tracing, testing), a pump-out, and finally, your personalized report – the key to understanding your system’s health and any repair needs. Expect the whole show to take 1-3 hours, depending on the system’s complexity.

Your Arizona septic report: a detailed breakdown of your system’s health. Dive into: system specs, inspection details, crack & leak checks, thumbs-up/down on performance, prioritized repair plans, and a clean bill of health (we hope!). Format may vary, but one thing’s consistent: peace of mind knowing your septic secrets are out.

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