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Dog Poop: The Ultimate Guide For 2024


Let’s dive right into the poop.  Wait, that doesn’t sound right.  Let’s step right into the… Ok, this isn’t going well.  Let’s get down to business!

How Many Times A Day Should My Dog Poop?

Most adult dogs poop between 1 and 2 times per day.  Some dogs will poop up to 3 times per day.  Puppies can poop up to 5 times a day. When healthy, most dogs settle into a consistent pooping routine. Most often, this will be 1 morning poop and 1 evening poop for adult dogs.

Dog Poop Infographic Across the top is a row of dogs from a small 12 pound dog to a large 100 pound dog. Below each dog is a chart showing how much each size of dog poops per day, per week and per year.

How Much Do Dogs Poop?

The average adult dog poops ¾ pounds of poop per day!  Over the course of 1 week, it’s about 5 ¼ pounds.  Over 1 year, it’s about 273 pounds of poop!

What Does Normal Dog Poop Look Like?

A normal dog poop is brown in color and is firm like a cooked sausage.  But stools may be small and hard if your dog is dehydrated or constipated.  On the other hand, droppings can be soft and mushy if your dog’s tummy isn’t feeling well.  Or they might be liquid if your dog has diarrhea.

Why Is My Dog Pooping A Lot?

Dogs poop a lot!  With adult dogs pooping up to 3 times each day, your yard can quickly fill with up to 21 poop piles each week.  That being said, younger dogs can poop even more frequently.  It can be overwhelming.  Pooping a lot is normal, but if your adult dog is pooping more than 3 times each day it might be time to try a better quality dog food or see a veterinarian for a checkup.  It could also be a sign that your dog is getting too much food.  You might consider consulting your veterinarian to determine the ideal food portion for your dog.


Your dog’s business is a normal part of their life.  To keep your dog healthy, it’s important to provide the right conditions for a safe and comfortable bathroom routine.

Dog Poop In A Clean Yard - Dogs Like To Poop In A Cool Clean Yard - A Happy Dog is Sitting In A Yard In Phoenix Arizona

Where Do Dogs Like To Poop?

When given the chance, most dogs prefer to poop somewhere cool and dry.  This is because the whole process can take a minute or two so dogs don’t want to burn or freeze their paws.  They will likely choose a shady spot in the grass if given the option.  

Often, dogs need some warm up walking to get their poop moving.  Because of this, they need a little space to walk around before getting down to business.  You may also find that they like to be a bit farther out in the yard before making a poop.  Most dogs don’t really like their poop any more than you do and they want to keep the poop away from their home.

Dogs are excellent at following routines.  Because of this, when you take your dog to the same place to poop each time, they will get in the habit and begin to regularly use that spot.  That being said, dogs like to stay clean and don’t like to poop in an area that is already crowded with stools.  So taking them to the same place without regular cleaning might backfire.  No pun intended!

Why Is My Dog Pooping All Over The Yard?

If your dog starts pooping all over the yard, the most common reason is that your yard might be starting to fill with dog waste. Without regular poop removal, the places your dog likes to make their business get full so they will start going anywhere they can find a clear spot.

Another reason for seeing dog poop all over the place is if your dog isn’t feeling well.  Dogs’ stomachs can easily get upset, especially if they eat people’s food.  When a dog’s stomach isn’t doing well, they will get soft or liquid stools.  When this happens, the dog may have little time to find their favorite pooping place.  Instead, they will go wherever they can get to quickly. 

Also, as dogs age or if they suffer overall health setbacks, they may have trouble finding a good spot to poop.  It’s not uncommon for older dogs to begin pooping in places that were previously off limits.  If this is the case for your dog, it can be a good idea to lead them out to poop to help them find a safe and appropriate spot.


Once your dog has gone poop, it’s time to clean it up.  Let’s look at some worry-free ways to clean up dog poop.

What Is The Best Way To Pick Up Dog Poop?

A Woman In An Orange Shirt is Leaning Down To Pick Up Dog Poop Using A Bag - She Is Holding Her Dog And A Stick With Her Other Hand
1. Pick Up Poop With A Plastic Bag

There are many pooper scooper tools on the market to help you clean up dog poop.  But oftentimes the best way to pick up the poo is to put your hand in a plastic bag and then pick up the poop.  Once you’ve picked up the poop, use your opposite hand to pull the bag up around the poop.  Then, with the poop inside the bag, tie a knot in the bag and discard it into an appropriate waste bin.

A Dog Poop Removal Tool That Consists Of A Metal Receiving Pan With A Tall Handle And A Blue Rake With A Tall Handle
2. Use A Pooper Scooper Tool

If you have a lot of dog waste to pick up, you may need some tools.  Pooper scoopers can help you pick up dog poop that has already hardened.  They often come with a poop holder and a poop scooper.  Use the poop scooper to push the poop into the holder and then dump the holder out into an appropriate waste bin.

A Woman In A Plaid Shirt Scooping Up Dog Poop With A Shovel And A Broom At A Dog Kennel. There Are 3 Dogs Running In The Background
3. Use A Shovel

If your yard is covered in dog poop, it may be tempting to use a rake to clean things up.  But this might break up the poop into smaller pieces and scatter it all over the yard.  To avoid this, it’s best to get to work picking up the poop by hand or with a pooper scooper.  For really big jobs, use a flat shovel and an old broom.  To do this, use the old broom to push poop into the shovel and then dump the shovel into a waste bin.

How Do I Clean Up Dog Poop In A Hot Climate?

In hot and dry climates like that of Phoenix Arizona, poop dries quickly.  In some ways, this can make it a little easier to clean up.  But if the poop is left to dry completely, it can turn into small pieces or even a powder when you try to pick it up.  One of the best ways to deal with poop when it’s that dry is to pick it up by sliding a shovel or spade underneath and hoisting it up.

How Do I Clean Up Dog Poop In A Cold Climate?

In cold places like in Flagstaff Arizona poop freezes in the winter.  We call this phenomenon the “poopsicle.”  These poopsicles can freeze to other surfaces and make cleaning up difficult.  Because of this freezing, t may be necessary to use a hard metal tool such as a spatula to pull up the frozen poop.  Alternatively, a garden spade or an old putty knife can work well for this task.

Dog Poop Removal Shovel and Bag - A Cute Pug is Holding A Plastic Shovel and Dog Poop Bag

How to Clean Dog Poop Off of Grass?

It can be difficult to clean soft dog stools from a lawn.  Although challenging, there are two main ways to clean it off.  The first option is to use a shovel or garden spade to dig up under the dog poop.  This method works well, but it will leave a small divot of missing grass in the lawn.  If that isn’t a happy outcome, the other option is to remove the soft poop with your hand and a plastic bag.  Start by pulling up the poop out of the grass with your hand in the plastic bag.  This will mostly work but there will still be some poop residue left behind in the grass.  So your last step will be to spray down the area with clean water.

How to Clean Dog Poop Off of Artificial Turf?

Cleaning poop from artificial turf can be tricky if the dog poop has dried and stuck itself to the turf.  One way to get it off is to use a garden spade or shovel and slide it under the poop to try to separate it from the fake grass.  Take care to not dig downward or this could ruin the artificial lawn.  Then, after removing the poop pile, the next step is to take a hose and wash down the area with clean water.

How to Pick Up Dog Poop Out Of Gravel?

There are two primary ways to pull poop out of rocks or gravel.  The first method is to carefully pick up the poop with a bag or with gloves. The second method is to use a shovel to scoop up the poop.  The shovel method will also remove rocks from the yard, but it is quick and thorough.  After removing the poop, rake the area smooth to make it look like nothing ever happened.


Dog poop cleaning isn’t on most people’s list of fun things to do. But never fear, there are ways to make it easier.  Let’s take a look at the best tools available to make this a doable chore.  When it comes to purchasing dog waste tools, it makes sense to go with the best products available because the last thing you need is a mess on your hands.

How To Pick Up Dog Poop With A Pooper Scooper?

A traditional poop scooper consists of two parts.  The first part is the holder.  It’s basically a dust pan on a stick.  This part is designed to receive the poop.  The second part is the scooper.  This can be a mini rake or mini shovel on a stick. The shovel helps slide fresh poops into the pan and the rake is helpful to rake in the hard poops.

The Niubya Dog Pooper Scooper is coated to prevent rust.  This is important because the easiest way to clean this type of scoop is by spraying it off with fresh water.  It is also made from long-lasting metal so that it can be stored outside because who wants to bring their pooper scooper inside after using it?

How To Pick Up Dog Poop With A Bag?

A typical poop bagging tool is nothing more than a roll of dog poop bags in a holder.  To use a basic bagging tool, first tear off a new bag.  Next, put your hand inside the bag.  With your hand in the bag, pick up the poop.  Once the poop is picked up, use your free hand to lift up the edges of the bag until the poop is securely inside the bag.  Finally, tie a knot in the open end of the bag and discard the bag.

It’s no good to use a bag that splits or tears or that doesn’t hold together until you find a trash receptacle.  So this is one time where it’s worth it to buy the best product available.  I recommend the Mutt Mitt because it keeps your hand as far away from the mess and is a sturdy solution.

Is There A Better Way To Pick Up Dog Poop?

New styles of pooper scoopers help you pick up dog poop without having to grasp the turd with your hand.  These tools seriously save your back because they keep you from bending down to get to the poop.

Advanced pooper scoopers are made out of sturdy metal so that you can get the leverage needed to dig a little under the poop pile to make sure that the yard is totally clean.  The ActiveDogs Best Ever Dog Pooper Scooper works with scissor action to pick up the poop and then opens to deposit the poop into your trash bin.

How To Pick Up Dog Poop With Common Yard Tools?

Use the garden tools you already own to pick up poop.  First, grab two shovels.  Then use one shovel to push the poop onto the other shovel and then dump the poop into the trash.  Or, use a garden spade and a dustpan to do the same thing on a smaller scale.

How To Pick Up Dog Poop By Hand?

When no other tools are available, one of the quickest ways to pick up poop is by hand.  You can either wear disposable gloves or put your hand inside of a plastic bag and then pick up the poop directly.

What Is The Best Pooper Scooper For Soft Poop?

Soft poop is the toughest to pick up.  It can be sticky and sloppy and definitely isn’t any fun.  Where possible, it is best to pick up soft poop by getting an old shovel and sliding it under the poop.  As you do so, dig a little under the poop so that you get all of the soggy mess onto the shovel.  This method will likely take some soil, gravel or grass along with the poop, but it beats getting soft poop all over your hands or leaving poopy residue on the ground.  When the job is done, clean the shovel by rinsing it with water.

Do Pooper Scooper Tools Work?

Yes, pooper scooper tools can be a huge help for cleaning up dog poop.  But they may not offer a perfect solution.  The pooper scooper tool itself will quickly become dirty and stinky with poo, so it will have to be cleaned often by rinsing with a garden hose.  To avoid this, there are several bagging tools that keep things clean. But the downside is that they use a lot of plastic bags which aren’t great for the environment.  And these bagging tools are best for small jobs only.  If you have a whole yard to clean, bagging each stool individually isn’t very efficient.


Cleaning up dog poop makes a yard instantly look better.  But unfortunately, cleaning up the poo doesn’t always make the yard smell better.  The good news is that there are some effective dog odor deodorizers in the market that will freshen the yard in no time.

How To Get Rid Of Dog Pee Smell In The Backyard?

The smell of dog urine overwhelms human nostrils.  It’s no fun to invite friends over to the house only to be greeted by the strong smell of dog pee in the breeze.  But don’t fret, remove pee scents in the backyard with a quality dog odor deodorizer.  Do this by first picking up all the dog poop in the yard.  Then liberally apply the deodorizer spray.  Deodorize weekly to keep the yard smelling clean.

I use Simple Green Outdoor Odor Eliminator because it leaves the yard smelling fresh every time.

How Should I Use Dog Odor Deodorizing Spray?

The fastest way to neutralize dog urine smell is to buy deodorizer concentrate and mix it with water in a pump sprayer. First, mix it per the manufacturer’s recommended ratios and then apply it evenly to the yard with the pump sprayer.  Finally, go back and overspray areas that emit the most odor.

If it is a warm day or if the yard is dry, be sure to first spray down the yard with water.  This is because the enzymes in the deodorizer spray need moisture to work.  If the yard has an irrigation system, this can be as simple as running the sprinklers for a few minutes before applying the deodorizer spray.

Using a pump sprayer like the Flow-Master Lawn & Garden Sprayer helps you apply deodorizer quickly to a large area.  Using a sprayer also saves money because the deodorizer is cheaper in concentrate form.


Once the dog poop is all picked up from the yard, the task isn’t over.  The next step is to dispose of the dog waste.  Let’s take a look at the most effective ways to dispose of that pet poop.

Which Dog Poop Bags Are Best?

The most common way to dispose of dog poop is to put it into plastic bags and throw it away in a trash bin. If you do this, it’s important to find sturdy bags that are designed for feces disposal.  The best poop bags are properly sized for the task and made with plastic that doesn’t let smells out or pests in.  When using the bag method it is critical to tie a strong knot in the top of the bag to keep the poop and stink inside the bag.

Our favorite bag is the Mutt Mitt because it keeps your hand far away from the poop.  The downside to this bag is that it isn’t biodegradable.

Are Dog Poop Bags Biodegradable?

Unfortunately, most poop bags are not biodegradable.  Like other plastic products, dog waste bags will sit in the landfill for decades or longer before breaking down.  But never fear, biodegradable dog poop bags are here.  Biodegradable bags are made from plant-based plastics that break down much faster.  So if you are interested in a biodegradable dog poop bag, check out Ley’s Dog Poop Bags.  But keep in mind that although these bags are biodegradable, they aren’t meant for composting.

Which Dog Poop Bags Are Compostable?

Most dog poop bags are not compostable and not biodegradable. So, when in doubt, if dog waste is bagged, it is probably best to toss it directly into a trash bin.  But if poo is going into the compost pile a simple solution is to skip the bag and toss it right into the composting mix. 

But yes, there are compostable poo bags available to purchase.  To find a compostable bag, search for dog poop bags that are “Certified Compostable”.  A Certified Compostable bag usually means that it is compostable in a commercial facility.  This doesn’t always mean that it will compost properly in a home compost pile, but it might work ok for you. Check out these Give A Sh compostable dog bags.  They are highly rated and are Certified Compostable.

Will Dog Poop Decompose?

Left unbagged in a cool and dry yard, dog poop decomposes very slowly.  Poop will sit in the yard up to a year or sometimes longer.  However, if the yard gets a lot of warmth and moisture, poop breaks down within the span of a couple of months.  Either way, dog stools don’t decompose quickly on their own.  This is because dog food contains a lot of protein and protein takes time to break down.

Can Dog Poop Be Composted?

Yes!  Dog poop can be composted.  For best results, compost dog waste by mixing it with other compostable materials.  The composting process will happen fastest when the weather is warm.  And it may be advisable to not compost dog excrement from a dog that is currently taking medication.

Because spores produced from the composting process may harm dogs, be sure to keep your compost bin in an area that your dog cannot access.  And for even more tips to keep you and your pets safe while composting, check out USDA’s Composting Dog Waste brochure.


It’s a good idea to pick up your dog’s poop.  Picking up your dog’s poop will make your dog happier because dogs like clean yards.  It will help you feel healthier because there will be less stinky smells and fewer bugs in your yard.

Pick Up Dog Poop - A Cute Dog Is Sitting In The Grass Holding A Dog Poop Bag Container In Its Mouth - Do Not Leave Dog Poop On The Ground

Is It OK To Leave Dog Poop On The Ground?

It’s not ok to leave dog poop on the ground.  This is because flies and worms are highly attracted to dog stools. They will come to eat the droppings and deposit eggs.  So when you leave dog waste on the ground, it won’t be long until these critters arrive and fill the yard with bugs.

Does Dog Poop Attract Flies?

Yes, dog poop attracts flies and other flying insects like beetles.  Flies have the amazing ability to smell animal poop from up to 4 miles away!  So when your dog goes number two, it’s an open invitation for flies from all around to head to your yard.  To make matters worse, flies will lay eggs in the stools.  When the eggs hatch into maggots there will be even more bothersome flies.  In addition to being annoying, flies naturally carry pathogens that may harm humans and animals.

Does Dog Poop Attract Ants?

Yes, ants will eat dog poop.  Because dog turds are rich in protein, they are a favorite snack for ants.  Ants will also be hyper attracted to dog feces from dogs that are fed sugar-rich human food.


One way to take care of pet waste maintenance is to hire a professional dog poop removal service.  These companies provide both one-time poop removal services and subscription based monthly service.

How Much Does Pooper Scooper Service Cost?

One-time professional dog poop removal services average around $50-$120/hour in 2022.  This service typically includes picking up the poop in a yard, bagging it and hauling it away.  Many poo removal companies also offer subscription services that range from $70 to over $150 per month depending on the frequency of the cleaning and the number of dogs.

How To Find A Dog Poop Removal Service?

Find a dog poop cleanup service by asking friends and neighbors for recommendations.  A modern way to do this is to post a question on a neighborhood Facebook Group.  Also check Craigslist for local poop scooping services.  Google Maps is another place to find a pet waste removal company.  And finally, searching on Google for “Dog Poop Removal Near Me” will help you find the larger service providers in your area.

If you live in the Greater Phoenix Area, check out Dog Poop Removal Service at Clickapro:


So you may be asking yourself if you have what it takes to start your own dog poop removal business.  That’s a great question!  Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of the pet waste removal industry.

Why Start A Dog Poop Removal Business?

Maybe you are tired of working at a desk job or maybe you own a truck and are looking for a flexible side-hustle.  Either way, starting a pooper scooper service could be rewarding.  Cleaning up dog poop is hard work that gets you outside and working in people’s yards.  In doing so, you get to help people and dogs every day.

How To Get Started In The Pooper Scooper Business?

A fast way to get started in the poop removal business is to offer free services.  Let friends and neighbors know about your new hustle and ask to come clean up their yards for free.  This can help you gain experience and build a list of happy past customers.  This also helps you decide if the work is a good fit before committing to working for paying customers.

If your free yard clean ups go well, it’s time to move to the next phase and look for paying customers.  Build a marketing strategy that helps you find customers in the area you wish to work.  This may range from going door-to-door to finding paid advertising opportunities.  You will also need to invest in all of the tools that you will need to get the job done.

Infographic For Starting A Dog Poop Removal Pooper Scooper Business - The Infographic Is Divided Into Three Sections, Transportation, Tools and Consumables - The Transportation Section Shows a Reliable Truck - The Tools Section Shows Rakes Shovels A Pump Sprayer Trash Bin Blower and a Hose - The Consumables Section Shows Trash Bags Gloves and Deodorizer

What Tools Do You Need To Start A Dog Poop Business?

Dog poop scooping requires specialized tools and supplies.  But the first thing you need is a reliable truck to drive to all of your customers’ homes.  A truck will also help you haul away the poop at the end of each job.

Then outfit that truck with all of the poop scooping tools such as shovels, rakes, brooms, leaf blowers, pump sprayers and trash cans.  Additionally, the truck will need consumable products such as trash bags, deodorizer chemicals and latex gloves.

Finally, find a legal way to dispose of the feces.  At the end of each work day you will likely have well over 100 pounds of dog poop to discard or compost.  Check out your local municipality’s waste disposal rules and fees.  Then compare these fees to private waste service companies to find the most efficient option for your business.  Or go green by finding a commercial composting facility to take your collected dog waste.

Infographic Depicting The Startup Costs To Start A Dog Poop Removal Business - The Top Line is $40,000 for Transportation - The Second Line is $2,000 for Tools and Supplies - The Third Line is $5,000 for Marketing - The Fourth Line is $3,000 for Legal and Insurance - The Total is $50,000

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Dog Poop Business?

If you already own a truck, start your dog poop removal business for a relatively low upfront cost.  Budget about $2,000 for tools and supplies, and at least $5,000 for marketing.  You will also need to set up a business entity in your state and purchase liability insurance for approximately $2,000.  All-in you could get started with around $10,000.

If you don’t yet own a truck, the initial investment will be larger.  Buying a clean and reliable truck will likely cost around $40,000.  All in, it might cost about $50,000 to start a dog poop service business in 2022.

What Does It Take To Be A Pooper Scooper?

Pooper scooper work is dirty and stinky work.  And over time, you don’t get used to the smell.  If anything, your nose gets more sensitive as time goes on.  In addition to being smelly work, it’s hard work.  This is because customers don’t call professionals when it’s an easy job.  Instead, customers need you most when their yard is full of pet waste and their dog is sick with diarrhea.  Poop will squish or burst open with maggots and you need a strong stomach to keep going in those moments.

Working outside isn’t easy either.  It can be sweltering hot or freezing cold and you have to have the physical stamina to keep working hard for your customers.  You also need to have a calm temperament for driving in traffic to reach all of your pet owners’ yards.

But if you love dogs and people, you can get through the toughest jobs.  Many customers truly need the service that poop scoopers provide.  And if you work hard, your customers will be happy and grateful for your labor.  As a result, you will be dirty and tired at the end of each day, but you will have helped a lot of people and dogs and that is always a good feeling.


Dogs are so fun to own!  But they all poop!  But with the right tools and services, it’s easy to stay on top of the pile 😀 and get back to enjoying your yard.

Thank you for checking out the Clickapro blog!  We are here to help you maintain your home.  Do you have a questions about dog poop?  If yes, please submit it below and we will write you back. 

If you are a homeowner in the Greater Phoenix Area, check out our available services.  And if you are a service provider who would like to offer home services through Clickapro,  contact us so that we can connect.


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  2. As a pooper scooper myself, I can’t stress enough how important it is to keep an eye on your dog’s poop. Not only can it tell you a lot about their overall health, but it can also help you identify any potential issues early on. Remember, a healthy dog poop is brown and firm, but don’t be alarmed if it’s a little softer or harder depending on your dog’s tummy. And if your pup is pooping more than three times a day, it might be time to adjust their diet or schedule a visit with your veterinarian. Trust me, as someone who scoops poop for a living, prevention is always better than cleaning up a big mess later on!

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      1. Thank you for noticing and asking about our DoggKetcher product! The DoggKetcher is a user-friendly and efficient pooper scooper tool that helps dog owners clean up after their furry friends quickly and easily.

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        We designed the DoggKetcher to be lightweight, durable, and easy to use, making it the perfect tool for pet owners who want to keep their surroundings clean and free of dog waste.

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