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Home Improvement Calculators to help you around the house

Calculators For Your Home

Want to upgrade your home but feeling a little lost? Clickapro is here to be your friend! We offer free online tools to make your projects a breeze. Think of Clickapro as your personal assistant for home improvement decisions! From choosing the right light bulbs to calculating room square footage, Clickapro has your back.

A man is holding a light bulb and wondering what wattage he needs. To find the answer, he will look at Clickapro's home improvement calculator for converting incandescent to LED bulb wattage.

Ever wonder which LED bulb is just as bright as your old incandescent bulb? Stop the guessing game! Clickapro’s Light Bulb Converter is here to save the day. Just tell it the wattage of your old bulb, and in turn, it’ll show you the perfect LED match. This saves you money on your electric bill and additionally, keeps your home feeling bright and comfy.

A woman is painting her wall. She is holding up color samples trying to figure out which color to use. She is using Clickapro's 'Inches to Square Feet' home improvement calculator to determine how much paint she needs.

Next, imagine planning a room makeover. How much paint will you need? Clickapro’s Inches to Square Feet calculator comes to the rescue! Just enter the length and width of your room (in inches, that’s okay!), and it’ll tell you the exact square footage. Knowing this helps you buy just the right amount of paint, flooring, or wallpaper – no more worrying about buying too much or too little!

A woman in glasses is wearing a dark pantsuit and holding a glass of water. She is happy because she used the water calculator at clickapro.com to calculate the water used by her household each month

Confused about how much water your family uses every day or month? It’s not always easy to figure out! Clickapro’s water calculator is here to the rescue. Just enter the number of people in your family and estimate how many gallons of water you use daily. This clever calculator will crunch the numbers and give you a personalized estimate of your water usage. Plus, it’ll recommend the perfect size water tank to fit your family’s needs!

Home Improvement Calculators for You!

Clickapro is always learning and growing, just like you! If you have a home improvement project that needs some calculations, let us know! We love hearing your ideas so that we can create even more helpful tools for everyone. With Clickapro’s free calculators, you can make smart choices for your home with confidence! So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

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