A woman in glasses is wearing a dark pantsuit and holding a glass of water. She is happy because she used the water calculator at clickapro.com to calculate the water used by her household each month

Water Use Calculator

Household Water Use Calculator for Hauled Water

Enter the daily water usage per person and the number of people in your household:

Connecticut: 35 gal./day1 - Phoenix Indoor: 55 gal./day2 - US Average: 83 gal./day1 - Idaho: 186 gal./day1

Water Usage Results:

Minimum Holding Tank Size Results:

Water Use Calculator Data Sources:

A woman in a light blue shirt and dark hair holding up a glass of water. She is calculating her household's water use to plan for her hauled water needs

A Note on Daily Water Use:

Daily water use numbers may vary greatly.  This is because it depends largely on the water use habits of the members in your household.  It also depends to a large extent on exterior irrigation and use of water efficient appliances and fixtures.

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