Incandescent to LED Watts

Light Bulb Calculators:  Convert incandescent to LED watts and the other way around.

An incandescent light bulb is on the left and an LED light bulb is on the right. There is a red arrow pointing from the left bulb to the right bulb. This is for a calculator to convert from incandescent bulb to LED bulb Watts.
Incandescent to LED

Incandescent to LED

An LED light bulb is on the left and an incandescent light bulb is on the right. There is a red arrow pointing from the left bulb to the right bulb. This is for a calculator to convert from LED bulb to incandescent bulb Watts.
LED to Incandescent

LED to Incandescent

Learn more about converting from Incandescent to LED Watts:​

A woman sitting on her sofa holding a light bulb. The light bulb is illuminated. The woman is thinking about converting from incandescent to LED watts.

Let’s take a look at the 3 top reasons to convert from incandescent watts to LED watts for a light bulb. Then, let’s peek under the hood and see how our calculators crack the wattage code.

3 light bulbs. 1 bulb is LED and the other 2 are incandescent. Clickapro makes it easy to convert from LED to incandescent wattages.

1. Preserving Light Brightness

Embrace the LED revolution without sacrificing warmth! Our calculator instantly reveals the equivalent LED wattage for any incandescent bulb. Enjoy familiar brightness with stunning efficiency. Upgrade your home, brighten your future.

A woman is holding a light bulb in her office. The bulb is glowing. She understands the conversion between LED and incandescent light bulbs.

2. Understanding LED Bulbs

Know your old-school bulb watts? You might have a sixth sense for where they shine – bright 100Ws for floodlights, 60Ws for hallway heroes, and cozy 40Ws for accent whispers. But what about the LED revolution? Don’t sweat the conversion! Use our calculators to find the perfect LED watts for every mood and space.

An LED and an incandescent light bulb near an agave plant on a desk. It's easy to convert incandescent to LED wattages with the calculators at

3. Easy Incandescent to LED Watts Conversion

Confused by LED watts? Skip the math! Our calculators instantly match your desired incandescent brightness to the perfect LED wattage. Upgrade to energy-efficient lighting with ease.

Incandescent to LED Watts Conversion Factors

Curious about the math? Dive into the conversion factors that power our calculators:

  • LED to incandescent: Think 0.10 to 0.15. So, a mighty 10W LED can rival the glow of a 100W-150W incandescent!
  • Incandescent to LED:  Multiply your old bulb’s wattage by 6.0 to 8.0, and voilà – you’ve got your LED equivalent (a 60W incandescent becomes a 9W-10W LED dynamo!).

The LED to incandescent watts calculators on this page will use these approximate factors to do the number crunching for you, leaving you free to bask in the brilliance of your newfound LED knowledge.

Heads up! These calculators are close, but not perfect. Color temperature and other factors can nudge brightness around. Don’t worry, they’ll still land you near the perfect LED match for your favorite incandescent glow.

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