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Transform your home, whether you’re selling or staying:  Experience the convenience of ordering home improvement services as easily as shopping online.

Popular Services Offered by Clickapro:

Order Septic Tank Inspection Online. A septic tanker truck with off-road tires

Septic Inspection

Give your home the green light for a smooth sale with a proactive septic system inspection.

Need water for your Prescott home's storage tank? Clickapro has you covered. This image is a view of a water tank in the backyard of a home.

Bulk Water

Order bulk water for your home's tank online! Fresh water delivered on your schedule.

A woman holding a light blue pillow and laying on fluffy white carpet. She is happy because Clickapro thoroughly cleaned her home.

House Cleaning

Unlock the sparkle in your home: Professional cleaning for a dazzling first impression.

A girl inspecting a glass of water with a magnifying glass. The caption in the image says "Water Testing By Clickapro"

Water Testing

Uncover the crystal-clear truth about your water with a professional home water test.

Dog Poop Removal Shovel and Bag - A Cute Pug is Holding A Plastic Shovel and Dog Poop Bag

Dog Poop Removal

Make your listing stand out with professionally produced, informative floor plans.

CLICK-A-PRO Service Tech Changing Batteries In A Smoke Detector

Battery Replacement

Ditch the quirky soundtrack: Silence those chirping smoke detectors before your next showing.

A woman giving the thumbs up in front of her Arizona home. She is happy because of the services offered by Clickapro

Home services, simplified

Click, fix, relax: Experience the effortless convenience of services offered by Clickapro, your one-stop shop for happy homes.

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